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Our Church History

A History of New Rising Sun Baptist Church


"The Old Edifice"
(Now it is the education facility)
The church was founded August 6, 1917 and officially donated in 1921 by Bro. Lee Johnson and Mary Wall Johnson. The church was rebuilt in 1921 with Rev. Scott as pastor and Bro. Harry Wagner and Bro. Henry Powers as trustees. It was on this piece of land that the Lordís House of Prayer was built. For it is written in Matthew 16:18, upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it. Through the years God has called many of his men home, but still the church has moved on and ahead by taking one day at a time. We have strived to get closer to God under the leaderships of the Late Rev. Scott, Rev. L. Davis, Rev. Johnny Banks, Rev. Louis Silverman, Rev. Dale Parker, Rev. Isaiah Barnes, Rev. Albert Parker, and Rev. Philemon Chambers. The church grew in strength and in numbers as Rev. Chambers called men, women, boys, and girls to Christ. God blessed us with this pastor for he worked together with the members here at New Rising Sun to bring additions to Godís house. Under Rev. Chambersís leadership the church installed pews, financed robes for the Senior Choir, placed rack on the backs of pews to hold Bibles and hymnbooks, and laid the foundation for the addition to the church. The members of the church, which included building a kitchen, added many other amenities. As with all men of God the Lord found where Rev. chambers had fought a good fight and finished his course and the Lord plucked another rose from the flowerbed of life. But the Lord promised never to leave us alone. You see New Rising Sun serves a master that sits up high and look low. God sent us a new pastor and teacher like Rev. Chambers; I am speaking of no other than Rev. Dr. Ernest Mills who is also known as Bishop Ernest Mills. Through faith with Godís help we added a lounge, finished the restrooms, added a pastorís study, and rearranged the choir stand. Later the church added chandeliers and new windows. In 1990 we added a baptismal font and paved the parking lot. In 1991 a desk, chair, and ceiling fan was purchased for the secretaryís office, a chandelier for the pastorís study and a copier. In 1993 the church was renovated inside and out, new walls, roof, recording room and equipment, new doors, carpet, handicap ramp, tile for the lounge and entrance area and a steeple was put in place. In 1994 a van was purchased to help further the growth of the ministry. In 1995 a communion and offering table, refrigerator and new choir robes were purchased. In 1996 new equipment was added to update the tape ministry. On March 3, 2000 the church purchased two acres of property for the building of our new edifice. On March 2001, we broke ground at 16444 Highland Road. Weíve had some disappointments along the way but we never gave up. And now, September 8, 2002 we have made it to our new edifice.